Antonio Izquierdo Videodance



Shaped follows the pre-conceived life of a female creature whose challenges are sensed from inside the womb. She wakes up before she is even born. She escapes from what it is meant to be. She runs away from the unknown, open world, finding herself in an internal, embracing space again.


A film by Julia Robert and Renzo Vasquez
shot in Barcelona – edit and color grade in London – music in Sao Paulo

shot and cut by Renzo Vasquez
written and choreographed by Julia Robert, Jasmin Vardimon Company
performance by Antonio Izquierdo and Julia Robert
music by Luiz Macedo (composer), Jukebox, São Paulo
music by Jo Robinson (piano)
sound design by Rogerio Marques, Jukebox, São Paulo
colorist – Edwin Metternich, Framestore, London
produced by Julia Robert and Renzo Vasquez
producer manager – Bianca JMontobbio
assistant production – Leo Pereira and Santiago Leon
assistant camera – Lud Mônaco
make up and hair – Mari Carmen Fernandez
set dresser – Carme Balada

digital capture – Canon EOS 5D Mark III – Canon lenses

Festivals and screenings

Dança em Foco – International Festival of Vídeo and Dance – Rio de Janeiro
Official Selection – 2014